AI is eating our world and influencing our lives — without us realizing it

I’m launching The Algorithmic Bridge (TAB) motivated by the realization that my friends and family know very little—or nothing— about artificial intelligence and how it influences our daily lives and the world around us.

This is also the case for most people  —maybe that includes you. 

With TAB, I’ll try to bridge that gap. You’ll learn and become knowledgeable about the AI that matters to you and affects you. Accompany me in this journey and you’ll begin to understand how AI touches every corner of this increasingly complex world — and how to navigate it better.

How The Algorithmic Bridge will serve you?

  • You’ll better understand how AI is shaping businesses and applications that we all know and use. Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok… all heavily rely on AI algorithms.

  • You’ll better understand how AI is defining the future of society through changes that are barely known by people — like generative language models, self-driving cars, or futuristic humanoid robots.

  • You’ll better understand how AI is pressing policymakers to take action to regulate the no-law space AI is living in right now.

  • You’ll better understand how the consequences of AI — unevenly distributed across the world — should motivate ethical progress and research.

  • You’ll better understand how AI tricks our psychology, and how algorithms exploit our vulnerabilities.

  • You’ll better understand how AI may find answers to the deepest philosophical questions about humans — what it means to be human? — while raising new ones.

  • You’ll learn how to make sense of everything AI and learn to navigate a world that is inevitably becoming more complex.

  • You’ll learn how to combine all the above into a clearer picture of the present and the future of a world that’s changing too fast for us to keep up.

  • You’ll learn how all those topics converge at one point: where AI touches humans. Technology doesn’t happen in a vacuum and AI is the most powerful technology today, influencing all corners of our lives.

Who is Alberto Romero?

Me in 2018 with my favorite sweatshirt

I worked for three years at an AI startup that wanted to change the world with a real-time sign language translator. I got used to early DL and ML tools.

I’ve been writing about AI for more than two years now, covering both technical and high-level topics that matter to people. My work has been published on, Fast Company, One Zero, and Towards Data Science.

I’m a tech analyst at CambrianAI, working for notable clients like Nvidia, Intel, Qualcomm, and a bunch of startups that are revolutionizing the landscape of AI software and hardware. 

I’ve studied AI's technical and practical side and know the theoretical aspects, indissoluble from society, politics, and business. And I want to bring this knowledge to you through TAB.

What to expect from The Algorithmic Bridge?

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See you around!


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