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A weekly AI news summary comprising curated interesting/useful links + my commentary on why it matters

Beyond GPT-4: An eventful week / GPT-4 (security challenges, hallucinations, and misinfo) / Open-source AI is dying / An array of generalized bad…
GPT-4 coming this week? / Noam Chomsky: The False Promise of ChatGPT / Midjourney, DALL-E, and Stable Diff / Social media + generative AI / Open-source…
ChatGPT API / Generative AI beyond ChatGPT: Meta's LLaMA, Microsoft's Kosmos-1 and Bing updates, OpenAI rival, and Stable Diffusion / Who´s responsible…
The less utopian side of AI / Key developments: LLaMA, Robot ChatGPT, ControlNet & other generative AI news
Short overview of Microsoft vs Google and Bing/Sidney / Robust AI and robust testing methods / ChatGPT and the limitations and applicability of LLMs …
Google-Anthropic vs Microsoft-OpenAI / Attacks on OpenAI / 5 generative AI issues that don’t directly involve OpenAI
AI writing in journals and magazines / The clash between Big Tech and AI startups / News beyond text generation: Video / Law, security, and porn
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